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Exercise Machine
Exercise machine,
You have given me blisters
In places I won't speak of,
Not even to my sisters!
Exercise machine,
You weren't made very good
You don't look like a bicycle
As you really should.
Exercise machine,
You are a torture device
You are so vile,
You make the iron maiden look nice!
Exercise machine,
You once were brand new
But now you're out of date
And no one would dare ride you!
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Mature content
The Sinner at the Funeral :iconbored-beyond-belief:bored-beyond-belief 0 2
Merry Christmas, Jew Girl
Sitting and staring
Up at the ceiling,
Playing hide-and-seek
With my cousins in Cairo.
Sticky pine needles
Stabing my arms
As I sit behind the tree
On the side
Devoid of trinkets
Or tinsel
Or treasures
Waiting patiently for my cousins
With big, red bows
And reindeer wrapping paper
From two Christmas's ago.
Santa sleeping in his tiny bed
Next to the window,
His stomach rising
And falling
On tiny hydraulics
As he snores seep
Out of the speaker
Hiding under his hat.
The black cat
On the Tiffany lamp
Staring at the tree
From the hall
With jealous green eyes
As the Siamese starts howling
"Jew girl, Jew girl!"
The grandfather clock
Older than my grandparents' house
Chiming and echoing
Off the ceilng
That mirrors the wooden floor
As if I were in wonderland
And down is up
And up is down
And time moves so slowly
That I wonder
If my cousins will ever
Find my hiding spot.
If they haven't already forgotten me.
:iconbored-beyond-belief:bored-beyond-belief 1 0
Why I Hate the Sea
I remember the beach.
I remember the sand sagging under my feet, close enough to dropping me into the sea underneath it.  
I remember when my sister and I dug a hole in the sand until we reached water.
I remembered it choking on the sand before giving up and pooling in the bottom of the hole.
I remember the embarrassed ocean throwing its waves over our discovery.
I remember my father wading waist up into the ocean's waves.
I remember how they caressed him and wrapped around him, gently ebbing in and out, in and out.
I remember my mother watching him behind her sunglasses and her black, drooping hat.
I remember him calling out to me through the roar of the waves.
I remember being afraid.
I remember trying to swim out to where he was.
I remember the sea slapping my face and suddenly growing cold.
I remember the waves tugging me back to shore.
I remember how every stroke I made was pushed back twice by the sea.
I remember my father laughing.
I remember my fear of losing him.
I r
:iconbored-beyond-belief:bored-beyond-belief 2 0
She said to me, softly,
"Whisper me a symphony.
A breathy overture
Before the trembling of vocal chords
And the shy crackle of a tuning throat.
An aria of syllables
Gliding down the scales of a sentence
And singing to the rhythm of my eardrum.
A whisper learning to crescendo
Until it erupts into a chorus
Of similes and metaphors
Before finally diminishing to pianissimo
And fading into silence."
:iconbored-beyond-belief:bored-beyond-belief 2 3
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TIMBER: My Senior Thesis
Watch it here! 
or on the Timber Tumblr-Blog
I would post on here, but it's proving tricky, I dunno.
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So it's been a while...yeah...

I've had a lazy summer, which is less than ideal considering how closely my post-college future looms.  Therefore, I have decided to SPAM the heck out of this site in order to make up for my ineptitude.

You're welcome.

First, this is my YouTube channel:…

At the moment, the only thing that's there are a few IZ fan videos and one stupid family video.  However, I am planning several new videos:

1. An IZ-Dr. Strangelove crossover (whatisthisidonteven)
2. A literal music video of Bad Romance
3. Another fan song featuring slasher films (*cough*totallynotemonoway*cough*)
4. Another ZMV directed by my sister, who is co-director of the channel.

All of these are stupid videos meant for simple-minded entertainment.  If you enjoy this type of entertainment, you are welcome to visit.  If least give me a couple of views.

Second, this is my current project:…

This is the first sketch from Seminole Night Life, a campus-based comedy sketch group.  THIS VIDEO NEEEDS VIEWS!!!!!!!!!  We are trying to gain attention over the summer for the live shows we will be doing in the fall.  My sketch will be filmed in the middle of July, and I would really appreciate having a digital audience for the video.  This is my first true writing gig, so I would appreciate the support.

Finally, there's this:…

Yes, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, most likely in August.  I can't guarantee that I'll make my goal, but if you need any advice or support, I'll be glad to give some.

So there's your monthly dose of SPAM.  Sorry.


P.S. While I'm spamming, I've been catching up on my 90s Nickelodeon cartoons.  Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is my current favorite at the moment :D
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  • Drinking: Grey Goose (just kidding, it's water)


I'm also studying PETas an assistant of Doctor!
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